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BATMAN: Why Batman Is More Important Than Anyone You’ll Ever Meet.

  Nananananananana Nananananananana BAT MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! So what’s up with Batman and why am I posting about him? It’s elementary my dear watson. Batman is the symbol of what’s so great about humanity. The beacon and icon that gives humanity hope. The character that everyone sees a bit of themselves in. You may be thinking I’m […]

Don’t Give Up, Life’s Too Short.

Inspired by a greeting card I received today at my work desk as I returned from my sick leave. You must know that I’ve been somewhat of a work Nazi and hard on the employees “sub-ordinated” below me. I’m a jerk, sue me. But in the passed two months I went to work at making […]

Kuwait: A Dream Suspended (Documentary)

A reader has sent me this video. Well, actually a friend has sent me this video and asked me to post it up on the blog. I have only skimmed through a bit of it as it is a long video and I am at work. However, it seems to be touching on topics from […]