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Want a DSLR but don’t? 5 Alternatives for under 50KD!

If you’re like me. You really want a DSLR camera. A good one for that matter. Though, you hate the fact that: a) you have to lug around this big camera b) it costs an arm and a leg for someone who is a beginner c) you worry of damaging your precious investment d) you’re […]

What happened to our “glory days”?

So I went to a lecture last night at a place called the Aware center in Surra. A scholar (who is also teaching here at a school in Kuwait) gave a lecture on the influence of the Muslim world on the Western world. The lecture by Mr. Bryn Bernard (hopefully I spelled his name right) […]

Notorious Hater: Shove That Butt Up Your…Butt?

Terrible. Just terrible. I used to be a smoker, you all must know this by now if you’re still regularly reading my blog as my hit counts are suggesting. (Hint, hint: if you’re not regularly reading – what on earth are you waiting for? Bookmark. Now. Please. Thank. You.) Now click the jump to find […]

“You’re Not A Photographer” – Yeah I’m Talkin’ To You

 You know I’m right. 95% of you who are reading this are guilty of this (I’m including myself in this completely bias and made up statistic). I can’t help but notice the growing number of “photographers” and DSLRs in Kuwait. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the reduction of costs for DSLRs and […]

Kuwait: The Global Body of National Olympic Committees

Asia’s top Olympic official will head the global body of national Olympic committees following the resignation of longtime chief Mario Vazquez Rana. Sheik Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah of Kuwait, head of the Olympic Council of Asia, has been selected interim president of the Association of National Olympic Committees. Snippet Taken from the Following Source: […]

Run Joe, Run: Training Updates

Oh dear, a lot has happened this weekend. I thought I’d keep you guys posted since I didn’t get the chance to hop on here and make any posts. Read on to find out what I’ve been up to this weekend with regards to my training.

Kuwait: A Dream Suspended (Documentary)

A reader has sent me this video. Well, actually a friend has sent me this video and asked me to post it up on the blog. I have only skimmed through a bit of it as it is a long video and I am at work. However, it seems to be touching on topics from […]