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This blog/website is meant for entertainment purposes. There will be occasional reviews and other topics that may relate to corporations, non profit organizations, personal groups and so on. However, the owner of this blog and writer of this blog is not and will not be held responsible for public opinion that is formed through this blog. Nothing here is to be considered FACT but instead to be considered personal opinion. None of these notions/posts are part of any group or organization. All of these blog posts are written from a personal perspective and thus meaning they are subjective (not to be considered fact). If you are offended by explicit language/material, you are advised to exit this blog/website as there will be a chance of foul/bad language. If you are under the age of 18, it is appreciated if you close this website/blog and not explore through it. There will be images/context/video/text/language that may not be deemed fit for audiences of young ages(below 18).

Please respect this. The writer/owner of this blog/website cannot be held responsible for inflammatory comments on posts or failure to adhere to this disclaimer. As the writer and owner of this blog, we will try to keep any inflammatory/degrading comments to a minimum. However, we are not legally responsible for public opinion voiced through the comments sections of this blog/website.

Thank you for understanding and co-operating.

– Livin La Vida Joe


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