Want a DSLR but don’t? 5 Alternatives for under 50KD!

If you’re like me. You really want a DSLR camera. A good one for that matter. Though, you hate the fact that: a) you have to lug around this big camera b) it costs an arm and a leg for someone who is a beginner c) you worry of damaging your precious investment d) you’re […]

2013 Dodge Viper Unveiled! (video: 640HP V10)

  They don’t joke around at dodge. 8.4L engine. This v10 blows 640HP. Looks so sexy in the picture above. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below to view the NY auto show unveiling of the 2013 VIPER SRT. Oh and wait for it…they explain all the new changes. P.S. Love the side exhausts.

Out with Outlook and in with Thunderbird

  I’m sick of outlook. It’s been functioning with bugs. A lot of the scripts keep coming up with error messages, keeps asking whether I want to enable or disable certain MS macros and scripts. At first I thought my computer was infected with a virus, but after going through all of the state of […]

There’s An App For That: Angry Birds Space

Yeah, I’m not even going to technically review this. This is more to tell you all about it. With all of the spamming of Angry Birds, I’m not even going to bother giving this one a chance. Not that the game is boring, but I’m just sick of playing the game. The merchandise all around […]

“You’re Not A Photographer” – Yeah I’m Talkin’ To You

¬†You know I’m right. 95% of you who are reading this are guilty of this (I’m including myself in this completely bias and made up statistic). I can’t help but notice the growing number of “photographers” and DSLRs in Kuwait. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the reduction of costs for DSLRs and […]

The New iPad!

Missed out on last nights iPad key note speech event? Don’t worry you can follow it up with the below youtube video. This video is a commercial that was shown at the event to outline the new “advanced” features of the 3rd gen iPad. (Yes, it’s not going to be called the iPad 3 or […]

Future of Cars: AUDI MEETS TRON

¬†EuroCarNews.Com reported in a recent article [SOURCE] that the engineers at AUDI and Stephan Berlitz have been working extremely hard to bring to drivers a brand new driving experience. By incorporating the usage of OLED light technology and some creative designing, the future of AUDI cars looks like something out of the movie TRON. Check […]