RUN JOE, RUN! Half Marathon Review

Alright guys, it’s done and over with. I’m back and I’m here to report you guys on how it went. You probably won’t be expecting what I’m about to tell you. So buckel up, click the jump and read on to hear about my adventures and thoughts on the event day! Advertisements

Kuwait: The Global Body of National Olympic Committees

Asia’s top Olympic official will head the global body of national Olympic committees following the resignation of longtime chief Mario Vazquez Rana. Sheik Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah of Kuwait, head of the Olympic Council of Asia, has been selected interim president of the Association of National Olympic Committees. Snippet Taken from the Following Source: […]

Running Apps!

If you guys read my earlier posts, you know I use the NIKE+ GPS app to track and log my running information. It’s extremely accurate. Especially since I sometimes take bends that I can’t accurately map on google maps/earth. It also shows out heat maps that tracks your speed/pace and shows zones in which you […]

Workout Music: What to listen to, to get you going!

We’ve all been there before. We know what we like to listen to, but when we’re working out we either get really bored of listening to the same stuff we always do or just can’t find music to get us into the groove. I’ve compiled a list of what keeps me going at the gym […]

Run Joe, Run: Training Updates

Oh dear, a lot has happened this weekend. I thought I’d keep you guys posted since I didn’t get the chance to hop on here and make any posts. Read on to find out what I’ve been up to this weekend with regards to my training.

Run Joe, Run: Second Training Session

Alright ladies and gents. Yes, I’ve got the second training session for the half marathon done and over with today. ┬áIt wasn’t anything intense but because I’ve got several things to tend to after work I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to go jogging. So I hopped on the elliptical machine that I own […]

Run Joe, Run: First Training Session

So last night I went out on my first official training session. Unfortunately, some other things came up and has delayed my training (essentially excuses for me to do other things other than running out against the winds we’ve been having at night). So I decided that this time, there are no excuses. Time to […]