Today, I Lost My Cool

Sometimes, the people we most care about are the people we abuse the most. I’m generally good at controlling any sort of emotional illogic that stems in my mind. But over the passed two days, I don’t know what’s come over me. I’ve been a complete dick to probably one of the select handful of […]

Notorious Hater: Shove That Butt Up Your…Butt?

Terrible. Just terrible. I used to be a smoker, you all must know this by now if you’re still regularly reading my blog as my hit counts are suggesting. (Hint, hint: if you’re not regularly reading – what on earth are you waiting for? Bookmark. Now. Please. Thank. You.) Now click the jump to find […]

“You’re Not A Photographer” – Yeah I’m Talkin’ To You

 You know I’m right. 95% of you who are reading this are guilty of this (I’m including myself in this completely bias and made up statistic). I can’t help but notice the growing number of “photographers” and DSLRs in Kuwait. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the reduction of costs for DSLRs and […]

Don’t Give Up, Life’s Too Short.

Inspired by a greeting card I received today at my work desk as I returned from my sick leave. You must know that I’ve been somewhat of a work Nazi and hard on the employees “sub-ordinated” below me. I’m a jerk, sue me. But in the passed two months I went to work at making […]

The Google Conspiracy

Interesting video. What are your thoughts about the whole situation? I’m not exactly sure I’m absorbing this one. I feel that we’re always looking for things to write conspiracy theories about. Do you believe in the google conspiracy? What other conspiracy theories do you find interesting or believe in? Which ones do you find utter bullsh!t? […]

How to Stop Traffic Jams

Humor me. Watch this video and try it at some point. I suffer from road rage (mainly during traffic waves such as the one he’s describing). I’m going to give this technique a shot. In theory it should work, especially if just several people did this on the highway. Not sure if it will really […]

Unethical Euthanasia of Dogs in Kuwait

This is disgraceful. I’ve heard about this, and it’s been around the net for a while here in Kuwait. However, this is the first time I’ve had the chance to see it in video. Prior to today, I’ve only seen images and read stories. This is disgraceful. For the video and images click here to […]