2013 Dodge Viper Unveiled! (video: 640HP V10)

  They don’t joke around at dodge. 8.4L engine. This v10 blows 640HP. Looks so sexy in the picture above. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below to view the NY auto show unveiling of the 2013 VIPER SRT. Oh and wait for it…they explain all the new changes. P.S. Love the side exhausts. […]

Future of Cars: AUDI MEETS TRON

¬†EuroCarNews.Com reported in a recent article [SOURCE] that the engineers at AUDI and Stephan Berlitz have been working extremely hard to bring to drivers a brand new driving experience. By incorporating the usage of OLED light technology and some creative designing, the future of AUDI cars looks like something out of the movie TRON. Check […]

BMW ABU DHABI: Largest Beemer Showroom Ever

¬† I was reading up on motortrend the other day about how Abu Dhabi have just opened up the largest BMW Showroom in the world. It’s said the showroom spans over 35,000 square-meters, impressive huh? I’m not a huge Beemer fan, but those who do know me know that I love machinery of all types. […]

How to Stop Traffic Jams

Humor me. Watch this video and try it at some point. I suffer from road rage (mainly during traffic waves such as the one he’s describing). I’m going to give this technique a shot. In theory it should work, especially if just several people did this on the highway. Not sure if it will really […]