Want a DSLR but don’t? 5 Alternatives for under 50KD!

If you’re like me. You really want a DSLR camera. A good one for that matter. Though, you hate the fact that: a) you have to lug around this big camera b) it costs an arm and a leg for someone who is a beginner c) you worry of damaging your precious investment d) you’re […]

“The Real Prison Consultants”

An interesting video I stumbled upon through my youtube feed. If you like this, subscribe to the Alyona Show. She’s awesome. It’s a RT production. Anyways, check this video out. It’s about how ex-convict consultants.

What happened to our “glory days”?

So I went to a lecture last night at a place called the Aware center in Surra. A scholar (who is also teaching here at a school in Kuwait) gave a lecture on the influence of the Muslim world on the Western world. The lecture by Mr. Bryn Bernard (hopefully I spelled his name right) […]

2013 Dodge Viper Unveiled! (video: 640HP V10)

  They don’t joke around at dodge. 8.4L engine. This v10 blows 640HP. Looks so sexy in the picture above. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below to view the NY auto show unveiling of the 2013 VIPER SRT. Oh and wait for it…they explain all the new changes. P.S. Love the side exhausts.

Today, I Lost My Cool

Sometimes, the people we most care about are the people we abuse the most. I’m generally good at controlling any sort of emotional illogic that stems in my mind. But over the passed two days, I don’t know what’s come over me. I’ve been a complete dick to probably one of the select handful of […]

Mood Of The Day

┬áThis is what I’m diggin’ for today. Been busy at work, but whilst listening to this I’m just imagining myself laying down on the beach somewhere in Brazil with a Cuban cigar enjoyin’ the sun and the waves.

RUN JOE, RUN! Half Marathon Review

Alright guys, it’s done and over with. I’m back and I’m here to report you guys on how it went. You probably won’t be expecting what I’m about to tell you. So buckel up, click the jump and read on to hear about my adventures and thoughts on the event day!