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About Joe

WHO THE HECK IS JOE PISTONE and why am I reading Livin’ La Vida Joe? 

Banker by day, Jedi by night. Joe Pistone is an expat living in Kuwait with a lot on his mind. Joe has been fending off the evil empire since 1986. When he’s not busy being a Jedi or “borrowing” money from the entire world as a banker he’s online blogging about his life in Kuwait. As an expat, it’s his duty to explore the country and region. This website can be considered his “Diary” or “Chronicles” if you’d like.

Strap in your seatbelt and make sure Chewie hasn’t got all your cookies (damned wookie keeps stealing cookies) ’cause you’re in for a ride.

Happy reading fellow Jedi warriors. Welcome to Livin’ La Vida Joe.

P.S. Affiliates of the Glactic Empire and the world bankers society are not welcome here.


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