Today, I Lost My Cool

Sometimes, the people we most care about are the people we abuse the most. I’m generally good at controlling any sort of emotional illogic that stems in my mind.

But over the passed two days, I don’t know what’s come over me. I’ve been a complete dick to probably one of the select handful of people that I respect and care about the most in my life.

I tell you, some people say it’s always easier to release your anger than it is to control it. But, I will admit to the opposite. It’s much more difficult to release your anger than it is to contain it. Because, containing it means you have the chance to think over it and assess whether or not it’s truly a valid reason to be angry over. However, releasing it upon boiling is the chicken’s way out and will always end up in regret.

I’m seriously doubting that the person I have in mind is reading this. On the other hand, if you are reading this – I’d like to extend my sincerest apologies. I’ve been out of character, I’ve been a total cock and insensitive jerk. It’s just sometimes so much easier to release tension from the world around you onto the innocent bystander. The problem is, the innocent bystander is always someone you really care about.

I know you won’t make much out of this and that you’ll say there is no apology needed.

Just know I feel guilty for ruining the previous 2-3 days with my behavior. I’m man enough to admit it.


6 comments on “Today, I Lost My Cool

  1. “I often regret that I have spoken; never that I have been silent”
    Publilius Syrus

    Sometimes, making these mistakes is the only way to progress and become a better person. Even at the time if you thought you knew better. The good thing is you know how you acted was wrong and that you are ready to move forward. I’m sure your friend will forgive you. Keep your chin up high Joe, we all make mistakes.

    • I don’t know if I’m really following the relation between the quote and what you’ve written or I’ve misunderstood.

      You mean that sometimes you need to regret in order to move on in your life? I think I do understand and I do agree that sometimes you just need to go out there and screw up. Sometimes, knowing the consequences of your reaction is not enough to hold back what you’re feeling. It’s just that I’m quite weird sometimes and when I do blow up, I don’t really communicate what the problem is. I end up acting like a total jerk instead.

      Life does go on and I know my friend will forgive me. I just don’t like treating people like this unless they truly deserve it. Even then, I don’t like going that far whether they do or don’t deserve it.

      Thank you for the kind comment though 🙂

  2. Yeah that is what I meant. You live and you learn. That’s what makes us human. The fact that we can make mistakes. The only way we can grow is to make those mistakes, learn form them and accept that we are not perfect. If we were all too afraid of screwing up and scared of regret, the world would have never seen some of the greatest inventions we have today.

    • Yeah, an interesting thought process. I am all up for making mistakes. I guess we can call it part of social/human development by making these kinds of mistakes and learning from them. It just always gets me when I know that I’m going to act a certain way – end up being mean/rude and then do it anyways. Sometimes, external factors just get me too much. I’m usually much better at mentally regulating when I go off at people. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on the blog! Hope to hear more of your opinions in future posts. Don’t forget to check out some of the past posts. I think there are a few articles you may have some opinions to share with us on.

  3. “He who keeps the truth silent is a mute devil.” – Islamic saying
    You should always speak up against what is wrong is what it wants to say.

    I admit that releasing my anger is more difficult than containing it too. It is indeed something to ponder.

    But my choice of what to do with my anger depends on what I’m trying to accomplish; am I trying to heatedly speak the truth? Or simply releasing it in whoever is making me angry’s face to avoid feeling negative afterwards? The latter causes more harm than gain.

    • Agreed. It’s always hurtful when you’re hurting someone you care about. But, all is well now 7amdellah! I think we all tend to just lose it every now and then and just do stuff we wouldn’t normally do. In a way it’s healthy, but it’s shameful that I had to do it towards someone that didn’t really deserve it. Sorry for the late reply mate. I barely get online during the weekend!

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