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Out with Outlook and in with Thunderbird


I’m sick of outlook. It’s been functioning with bugs. A lot of the scripts keep coming up with error messages, keeps asking whether I want to enable or disable certain MS macros and scripts. At first I thought my computer was infected with a virus, but after going through all of the state of the art anti-virus softwares and scanning – nothing showed up. I also think outlook is boring. In my opinion it looks outdated and bulky. So I went on a search for the best replacement. I have settled on Mozilla Thunderbird. Not only does it look great, it seems to do everything outlook can do and online claims have said it does it even better (IMAP for example). So here’s to a new experience. I was happy to see a direct import from outlook feature so I don’t have to be compressing all my e-mails and transferring them manually. The thunderbird wizard is doing this for me automatically. I’m lovin’ it so far. If you guys are interested in switching from outlook to an alternative, do your research but I highly recommend you checkout Mozilla Thunderbird (the same geniuses that brought you Mozilla Firefox). Oh, yeah and thunderbird is open source and supports add ons. Just sayin’.

One comment on “Out with Outlook and in with Thunderbird

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