Never Say No To Panda

Arguably the best commercials ever. The following youtube video is a mash-up of several Panda Cheese commercials. Egyptians are notorious for their sense of humor, and this brand is Egyptian (as far as I know). This would probably explain why the geniuses behind these commercials were able to provide us such an awesome bunch of commercials. I’m definitely going to pick myself up some Panda cheese tonight…or I fear the Panda may get me…

 Remember, Never Say No To Panda…

6 comments on “Never Say No To Panda

  1. Haha! Awesome! Kinda proud that one of our commercials made it to such “world/meme status”. You should hear the ones on the radio these days 😀
    “Watchout, Aly! You’ll hit a tree!”
    “Sorry, mom!”
    “Drive faster!”
    Announcer: Aly isn’t driving a car, Aly is driving Panda cheese 😀
    They have some kind of campaign now to win an xbox. Check theirs site: http://www.pandacheeseegypt.com/

    • Damn, I never knew about this campaign. I’m checking it all out now. Thanks for the info mate! Haha yeah, Egyptians have long been the best out of Arabs considering media such as tv shows/commercials/movies etc… and humor. A lot of hidden gems in the “Egyptian Hollywood” that even Hollywood would love. It’s a shame it doesn’t get that much coverage in comparison to bollywood and hollywood (atleast to my knowledge).

      • Tut tut! We don’t consider ourselves Arabs at all, that’s “The Gulf” people. We also call Egyptian bedouins “Arabs”, but we are simply Egyptians. But of course there are amazing gems in the Egyptian Hollywood. Try a translated “The Yacoubian Building” movie, arguably the best novel based Egyptian movie ever created. Here’s the English trailer. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Owt73bme7s8

      • Well, I guess that’s upon interpretation. Some of the Gulf claim they are not Arabs. In a majority of Arabs defining the state, I would classify Egyptians as Arabs (regardless of their religious beliefs). Especially when the dominant language is Arabic. However, it’s something that is open to debate and argument and will probably end up going in circles. I’ll check out the youtube movie later tonight. I’m at work right now and slightly over worked 😦

        BTW nice blog. I scrolled through it. Hoping to catch some more of your posts and read more in detail later. Keep up the good work.

      • That’s like saying the Americans are English coz they speak English. lol. Anyway, do check that trailer you won’t regret it. Thanks for following, Joe. Will follow you too. Ttyl.

      • Will do. Yeah, America is slightly a different story masked in a similar scenario. You have the native indians and the history behind it. Egypt is just as rich in it’s history (arguably has one of the richest histories a country can have). But like I said I guess it’s a perspective thing. Some will claim Arabs, some will claim Africans, and some will say Egyptians. All of the above can be argued. I like to think of them as Arabs, a bit superficial to say but I like to think it makes me feel a closer connection to them that way. A brotherly bond so to speak. But then again, I don’t think the identity is as important. We’re all humans at the end of the day – Arab, American, Egyptian, Africans etc. National pride, partiotism, culture, religion and so many factors determine how people look at their country and identity – so it’s a personal thing I guess. As long as we’re not judging each other on it, it’s all good 🙂

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