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BATMAN: Why Batman Is More Important Than Anyone You’ll Ever Meet.


Nananananananana Nananananananana BAT MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!

So what’s up with Batman and why am I posting about him? It’s elementary my dear watson. Batman is the symbol of what’s so great about humanity. The beacon and icon that gives humanity hope. The character that everyone sees a bit of themselves in. You may be thinking I’m a little crazy at this point, heck you’d be right. But I do have a point. Hit the jump to find out why the dark knight is arguably the most important figure and role model we could possibly model our lives around.

We wish we were bigger, stronger, smarter, and arguably more suave with the ladies. Our desires to be the best in everything we do is something we all want. But, not many of us achieve this. Not many of us realize that the path to being the best is not to have a knowledge base that is a mile deep and a foot wide nor is it to be a mile wide and a foot deep. It’s to have a knowledge base that’s a mile wide and a mile deep. To do this, hard-work, dedication, and a lot of failure is key to achieving success.

If you read batman comics, watch the cartoons, or even just watch the movies. You’ll notice that Batman is absolutely amazing at what he does. He never ceases to amaze us. He is always after the bad guys and without a doubt always achieving success in whatever he does.

At this point you’re thinking, so does Superman? Spiderman? The X-Men? The Incredible Hulk and many other comic book or movie heroes.


Batman does it without any super powers, these chaps mentioned above all have some sort of “supernatural powers”. Spider-man has  his DNA infused with that of a super spider, The X-Men are Mutants, The Superman is essentially an Alien in Human form, and the incredible hulk is simply a twat with genetics that mutate everytime he gets angry (imagine what a baby would be like with his superpowers).

I know. There are other superheroes that are not superpowered as well, but BATMAN is the most mainstream and arguably the best example to portray the thought in my head. So please, shut up and keep reading.

Batman was spurred into his life of crime-fighting by an incident in his life, the death of his parents. The MURDER of his parents. Now, I’m not saying you need to go get your parents murdered so you can turn into batman. What I’m saying is that there usually is a moment in life that hits you so hard, you decide that it’s time for a change. All of the richest men in the world who started out with nothing have faced a moment of time such as this one. A time where they decide enough is enough.

The point where most people fail is in the hard-work aspect. BATMAN did not just wake up one morning and know jui-jitsu and kung-fu. He didn’t just wake up one morning and find himself in the best shape of his life. He didn’t just fall asleep with a cable connected to his brain and learn all the facts of life (Yeah, I’m talking to you NEO!)

The fact of the matter is. Batman, woke up and decided in order to know x or y I must learn about x and y, and all the other variables that may possibly effect it. My point is, you won’t get anywhere without the effort. Knowing about one aspect of life isn’t really going to get you anywhere near “batman” like proportions.

Going back to the mile wide/mile deep analogy. It’s important to know as much as you can about as much as you can. Reading is your best friend. There is a difference between having a huge wealth of information and a huge wealth of knowledge.

Information is static. It’s data. Anyone can use it, save it, bookmark it, redistribute it, and pretend that it’s theirs. It’s the sad truth. But knowledge, is truly understanding information. Really being able to jump beyond knowing the information to understanding the information.

The sad truth is, in today’s world we have so many potential batmen out there. I believe we all have a little of us in Batman. We all have the potential. However, we barely use it.

Batman is also probably the hardest working hero you could possibly think of. He’s always caught in a rut and has several failures on the way to fighting the badguys. But he doesn’t give up, these small failures only make hims stronger to reach his goal.

Tied up and being mocked by the joker? This doesn’t phase the dark knight. He somehow manages to get away and it’s always some sort of realistic method that comes from deduction, intelligence, and a personality that will never give up. Something we should all incorporate into our lives.

I’m hoping you have a batman in your life to influence and help you progress in life. Because at the end of the day…

Batman is more important to the world than Obama, more important than Bill Gates, more important than Kobe Bryant or any other famous figure you can think of…

Because Batman is a symbol and a symbol is more powerful than any person can be.

Because a symbol is what can shape and make a person into what they are.

A reason for growth and being the best person you could be. 

A symbol of hope.

A beacon of strength.

If we all aimed to be what batman represents…the world would be a better place. I don’t mean going out there and being a renegade crime fighter. I mean taking in his desire for knowledge, determination and hard work…his love for what he does and his morals/ethics. We should all have these traits in our lives, be it our personal lives or work lives.

I hope there’s a batman in your life.

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