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Notorious Hater: Shove That Butt Up Your…Butt?

Terrible. Just terrible. I used to be a smoker, you all must know this by now if you’re still regularly reading my blog as my hit counts are suggesting.

(Hint, hint: if you’re not regularly reading – what on earth are you waiting for? Bookmark. Now. Please. Thank. You.)

Now click the jump to find out what I’m hating about and why I’m hating. 

What Happened Joe?

So I went out today to get a cup of coffee after the gym. Simply, needed the caffeine to give me that jolt to get through the rest of the day; Which BTW, has faded and I lay here half awake on my laptop trying to tap the keypads through all this drool.


It never dawned on me when I was a smoker, but this is something that is getting on my nerves more and more. Yes, it’s time for another Joe “the hating bastard” Pistone rant. You better believe it.

Why do people who smoke think it’s okay to drop their cigarettes on the floor, then step on them and just leave them there? Why is it considered okay for them to throw away these cigarette butts (teehee) by flicking them wherever they feel fit?

Justified? I think not… 

There are BLOODY ASHTRAYS ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY! I mean, maybe I’d understand it if they were out on the Gulf road or somewhere that didn’t have ashtrays readily available for them. But this was at a starbucks!! Come on, if you’re going to sit down and smoke, then please throw away your cigarette butts in the ashtray.


Do us all a bloody favor. You can’t be that lazy! The ashtray is right in front of you, on the effin’ table! You have no excuse and if you are guilty of this then I am sick to my stomach of you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Somewhere in the world, there is a penguin dying because of your butt throwing ways.

Does this equally bother you or am I the only psycho bothered by this? Are you one of these guilty smokers? If you are, please justify this behavior…because I simply can’t understand it.

Until next time.

Joe “The Ranting Hater” Pistone

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