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Don’t Give Up, Life’s Too Short.

Inspired by a greeting card I received today at my work desk as I returned from my sick leave. You must know that I’ve been somewhat of a work Nazi and hard on the employees “sub-ordinated” below me. I’m a jerk, sue me. But in the passed two months I went to work at making that better. Improving my relations with them all. It seems life and people respectively can change in an instant.

Went from hated to feared to hated to loved. Ahhh, some say it’s the circle of life.

To jump a little off topic though. Never give up on that window of opportunity to change. It will never go away, but sometimes when it seems to be shut – we don’t realize that indeed it is shut…but not locked.

Make the extra effort: click open the hatch, push open that window and jump through that bastard. Don’t waste the chance. Chances are the more you wait, the more rust that latch collects. The more rust, the more effort it takes to open it.

What has recently made you jump through that window to greener pastures?

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