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And You Thought I Was Gone…

No, on the contrary. I’m still pretty much alive. I’ve been sick and caught up trying to piece together several things. I’ve come back with some more updates and better access to posting. Click the jump to find out what’s been happening and what I’ve had in store for this blog and my life.

So firstly, I’ve been taking some time off from the blog just to focus on some work that’s been really piling up as well as my training. Obviously, the work took first priority.

The last training session I did was a run from Johnny Carinos to Kuwait Towers and back. It was extremely difficult. It was one of the dusty days and the wind was strong. Being the fool I was, word shorts that did not have any pockets as well as nothing but a tshirt.

I did the run with my phone in my car so unfortunately could not track the distance for you all but I believe it’s roughly in the 8-9 mile zone. Not only was that run difficult because the wind on the way back was extremely powerful, I could taste the dust in the air in my mouth. To add to that I had been running the whole distance with my car keys in hand (had no where else to put them).

Oh how I felt like cowering in a corner to hide from the wind. I was sweaty and cold. The dust was everywhere. But I persevered. The whole run took me about 2+ hours. To be honest I don’t remember the exact time but it wasn’t very encouraging. After that run, I was starting to rethink my desire to run the full half marathon and opt for the 10km that would be run later on in the day.

After much thought, I figured I’d stick to the half marathon. If I didn’t complete it, that is just motivation to train harder for the next one. As you know after this day, we had several days of “sandstorms” which rendered me to training in the gym instead of out on the gulf. This is bad for several reasons.

A) Running on a treadmill is worlds different from running  on pavement/roads.
B) Treadmills are not actually that accurate with the distances running if you really get down to think about it. (The distances are calculated through speed and cycles of the conveyor belt. Do the math, I’m sure you can figure out how to cheat a treadmill).

The day we got hit by that last and “awful” sandstorm I got sick. I was hit by a stomach virus. I am actually still in recovery mode. It’s only been a few days but I’m already feeling much better. However, am really behind in work and in my training. So hopefully I can jump back on track with both of them soon.

I’ve also been planning my summer trip. A friend is getting married and I’m going to see an old time friend of mine before that. So I’ve had to spend a lot of my time and energy in looking at the best cost saving flights without having to be too inconvenienced by flight schedules/layovers and getting my holiday request form filled out and signed at work.

So far, all seems to be going but I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed. This illness has really taken it’s toll on me the passed few days. Been throwing up and waking up in the random moments of the night. The vomiting has ceased but the fatigue still remains.

I’m also planning (hopefully) on shifting this site from wordpress.com to a self hosted wordpress.org blog and get myself my own domain. This is actually for several reasons and I shall not hide any of them from you.

a) I have been getting more hits that I expected on this site early on in it’s life, and even through my recent absence I have received many hits. So I’d like to get my own webspace so you guys don’t have to keep going through wordpress or trying to google me up.

b) Also, because of the amount of hits – it means my hard work and dedication is pulling off. So I’d like to (without milking it) charge advertising to companies or other blogs for space on my site. For anyone interested, I will be charging fixed fees. I will have two spots up for free that will be given to people raising awareness or a cause. So essentially non-profit organizations. One has already been booked so one remains. For other bloggers I’ll have a fixed fee but that is considerably cheaper than the fees for companies and I will be throwing in incentives such as “first month free” etc. Haven’t decided yet but we’ll see. For companies, you’ll be paying a fixed rate as well (since this isn’t a blog that gets hits the size of let’s say “cnn blogs” or other big company blogs. I will also throw incentives but your monthly fees will cost more than that of other bloggers, considerably more (yet saying that – I assure you it will be reasonably priced.

c) Technically, I own this blog on wordpress.com but by self hosting my blog and using wordpress.org – I’ll officially own all the rights to the blog and it’s content. This makes me feel more comfortable. I’m all up for sharing my content and rants but at the same time I have to keep my own content safe and owned by me. What if wordpress.com changes their policies in the future or tries to “shut me down”? I know it’s not really something that could possibly happen anytime soon but who knows? I’d rather be safe than sorry.

So we’ll see what happens. When I plan to do this? I don’t know. Once I’m finished designing the “new fresh look” of this blog and getting my webspace and all of this backend crap sorted. I’m also weighing up my options of using the wordpress.com powered changeover to wordpress.org or simply do the changeover myself. Right now, it’s all up in the air. But I thought I’d just be honest and keep you all posted with what’s going on.

Until next time.

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