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Running Apps!

If you guys read my earlier posts, you know I use the NIKE+ GPS app to track and log my running information. It’s extremely accurate. Especially since I sometimes take bends that I can’t accurately map on google maps/earth. It also shows out heat maps that tracks your speed/pace and shows zones in which you pushed yourself and didn’t etc. I’m a huge fan of these apps. None of them will ever be 100% accurate 100% of the time, but it’s super close to that! As long as you’ve got open space (open sky) and a decent phone service provider it should be pretty accurate!

I found this review that goes through the top two running apps (or what’s considered to be the top two). Nike+GPS and RunKeeperPro. Check out the view below for the reviews! Just thought I’d share with you guys, just in case you guys are interested in tracking your runs! If you haven’t tried these yet, do it! You don’t know how addictive they are and how much it will push you to work out (and work out harder for that matter).

One comment on “Running Apps!

  1. I use nike+ gps as well. I was disappointed because I used to use the pedometer and now shifted to the gps version. The gps version is so much better but i feel like i wasted money earlier with the pedometer. Don’t use it at all anymore. Nike+gps all the way!!

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