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Workout Music: What to listen to, to get you going!

We’ve all been there before. We know what we like to listen to, but when we’re working out we either get really bored of listening to the same stuff we always do or just can’t find music to get us into the groove. I’ve compiled a list of what keeps me going at the gym or out at the track. I figure this may not meet everyone’s tastes but it’s a list of stuff I like to listen to when doing different kinds of work outs. Hey, who knows – this may work for you too! Give it a try and skip the jump to discover a world of intense tunes.

First of all, before we talk music you’ll need to get yourself a good pair of workout headphones. I don’t recommend going for something like Dr Dre’s  “beats” headphones. For two reasons, mainly because they are huge (more probability of getting damaged) and they are expensive. You don’t want to damage headphones of that quality and size. You could go for the version of “beats” headphones that slip into your ear instead of the bigger one that slings over your head. However, you’ll be sorry if you run into an accident and ruin them. Also, if you’re anything like I am and swear a lot, then you may be replacing your headphones on a monthly basis. Here are a few tips for getting the perfect headphones for your work outs.

  1. Make sure they don’t cost too much, so you don’t hate yourself if they get damaged.
  2. Make sure they are at least decent in sound quality, so it can get you pumped for your workout.
  3. I’d recommend waterproof headphones so sweat will not damage or hinder the sound quality.
  4. Something small and light. Preferably slip into your ear. If you have a problem with these falling out, try getting ones that have a clip that slings behind your ears.
  5. Make sure the length of the cable is not too long or too short. You don’t want to have it slinging around or pulling you while you’re working out. Runners may need to opt for something a bit longer than people who go for weight lifting.

Now that this is out of the way. Let’s talk music.


When I run, I tend  to listen to music that matches my pace. So the beats don’t have to be super fast or super slow, just enough to match the pace I’m going at. I have weird taste when I run. Simply because I have two different styles of music for two different occasions. When I’m running outdoors, I tend to listen to Laurent Wolf’s podcasts. The bass and the beats tend to get me going and distract me from realizing how tired I really am. I also find that because they are long sets (roughly an hour give and take a few), so when I’m running outdoors I don’t have to keep switching the song. This is mainly because I tend to do distance running when outdoors and the music tends to keep the same pace. This limits my ability to play with my iPhone to switch tracks while I’m running and keep it in my pocket (or arm band carrying case). These podcasts are free to download. You can get them through the iTunes store directly on to your device or download them here!

When I run indoors, for example at the gym on the treadmill. I tend to go for music that is more towards my tastes growing up. I listen to Iron Maiden (mainly.) Any metal/rock songs that tend to keep to the same pace. I don’t know what I’d do without iron maiden at the gym. The trooper is an excellent treadmill track! As long as you can keep the pace going to the beat, any track will work. I usually listen to faster paced music because I’m not usually on the treadmill for longer than 10-20 minutes.

P.S. I also use Iron Maiden for any cardio activity I do in the gym. For example, the stationary bike or elliptical. They are also quite great for jump rope sessions!

Weight Lifting.

When weight lifting, the kind of music you listen to can literally make a difference between a hard and easy going day. I do love to listen to Frank Sinatra (funny enough he motivates me to push hard). Though, I usually listen to something a little more rough around the edges.

Killswitch Engage is a regular on my weight lifting playlist. I usually throw on hundreds of tracks similar to Killswitch and hit “shuffle” on the playlist. Their cover of Ronnie James DIO’s(RIP) Holy Diver is an excellent weight lifting track!

I find listening to metal makes me feel stronger and more willing to push myself. For some reason it’s as if I’m possessed by a gym demon (hah, yes there is such a thing 😉 … maybe … okay maybe not). My tip here is that if you have a sort of band or type of music that makes you feel like you can conquer the world – then you’ve found your gym music! Here are a few other tracks I have in my arsenal of weight lifting music.


EDIT: Some of these videos posted contain strong scene and language. Watch at your own will. Please do not watch if you are under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 or get offended by strong language or video content – please exit this page right now. 


Trigger by In Flames

Face The Pain by STEMM

Blow by Atreyu

What do you listen to when you’re in need of motivation? What do you usually do when you listen to this music? Got any more recommendations? Drop us a comment or send us an e-mail to let us know!

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