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Run Joe, Run: Training Updates

Oh dear, a lot has happened this weekend. I thought I’d keep you guys posted since I didn’t get the chance to hop on here and make any posts. Read on to find out what I’ve been up to this weekend with regards to my training.

It’s been a hectic weekend. I didn’t really do any “specific training” except on Saturday but here’s a breakdown of what I’ve been up to this weekend that revolves around cardiovascular activity.


Essentially a day off, I had a football game. I love football games cause they act like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I find myself doing a lot of sprinting and stopping and sprinting and stopping etc. So that was excellent. I was pretty much doing this for an hour straight and loved it. A part from that, I went to the beach afterwards. Had a little walk and then caught up on reading a book I haven’t been making time for.


Can you guess? I played football. Yes, again. I actually got the chance to play football 3 nights in a row which was absolutely awesome. A part from that, I spent some time exploring my area on bike. Nothing extreme, but I was just looking for spots around the area for bikers to go and enjoy a stroll. It seems Kuwait doesn’t have any proper biker routes on the roads in inner city areas. Therefore, if you have a bike and you don’t want to be riding on the highways/roads to get to your destination. I would recommend on getting a bike rack for your car. The gulf road seems to  be THE best place to bike considering space, scenery and weather. Sometime this week I’m going to take my bike down to the gulf for some interval training.


Oh what a busy day it was. Woke up real early in the morning and then hopped on my elliptical machine. Did a warm up (not intervals). Spent about 20 minutes at a slow and even pace. Tried to keep my heart rate stable. Then later on in the afternoon I went out to the shelter to help walk the dogs. I spent about 2-3 hours walking the dogs, met a few interesting new faces. I didn’t track the distance but I must have atleast clocked over 3 miles with all the dog walking I did. I jogged with some of the dogs, but not all. I also spent some time working with one of the dogs who actually gave me a great work out haha. Later on in the evening I went to renew my gym membership which had expired for a week or two now. I spent 20 minutes doing HIIT on the treadmill. Then I went into doing a chest and biceps work out. This also included an ABs session (4 sets, 15 reps). I did 2 ABS exercises – one for lower and one for upper. I know I’ve mentioned you can’t target lower and upper per say since they are essentially all one muscle but I am just so used to calling those exercises by that since I can’t remember what their real names are for the life of me. Finally, ended the day with a football game. If you follow me on twitter you’ll note that we one 5-2, I score a hat trick that seemingly was what put us apart from the other team! (At 2-2, I somehow managed to come out and score 3 goals back to back in the last 20 minutes of the match).

So all in all, I had a busy weekend. Don’t even get me started – that was just my “activity” I had a bunch of other stuff to do as well. So you can imagine why I’ve been avoiding going online this weekend.

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