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MYTHbusting: Things You Thought You Knew About ABS

ABS: Myth or Reality?


Okay, if you’re a male then I bet you’re looking at this image and thinking…HOLY SMOKES! I wish my abs looked like that… If you’re female, you’re probably thinking…HOLY SMOKES! I wish my husband (or boyfriend or whatever your significant other may be) had abs that looked like that!

The truth is, it’s not impossible. Anyone can achieve these abs. The problem surrounding this is that there are several myths that stop us from achieving our goal. In this post, I’m going to list out these myths and hopefully get you on the right track to looking like Gerard Butler!

I’m just not able to get abs.

This is utter bull donkey. Unless you’re born with a genetic defect that entails you not having core muscles such as ABS then this is wrong to the core. (I don’t think a defect even exists so no excuses people). The truth is, for ABS to show, you need to have a very low body fat percentage.

 I need to have special AB workouts to get a 6 pack.

Although having a “special workout” will help you get more defined, it does not necessarily mean they give you results for obtaining ABS. This one is actually a little confusing. When you build a “special” work out schedule for your ABS, you’re usually setting up one that is very core related. This means that you’ll be giving your abs a tougher work out and probably strengthening the ABS muscles more. However, there are two other factors that you will need to get your ABs to “cheese grating” status. Those being Diet and Cardio.

I love food too much to get abs.

This is absolute rubbish. I’ve known people who love food more than I do (I am in no way a 6 pack abs man just yet). However, it is how you eat and the portions. You need to understand that if you go overboard with what we call “empty calories” (calories that just store as fat and are no real nutritional value to your body) then you’ll need to work those off. However, if you set up your meals and diet plans right – you can still enjoy the pleasure of life we call food. The trick is finding out the right foods for what you want to achieve and spacing out the nutritional intake. I tend to eat a lot of protein after work outs, majority carbs prior to work out, and a lot of fiber in the mornings. That is of course in theory. I am just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to screwing up diets.

I have to stop eating carbs.

This is ridiculous. Carbs are your source of energy. You need to eat the right carbs and in my opinion at the right time. Loading up on carbs before bed is absolutely useless. You’re body will eventually store it as fat whilst your body sleeps. However, if you’re going to eat some carbs an hour or so before a good cardiovascular work out such as jogging then your body will burn them and use them as energy during your run which is essential as you can get more done in your work out. Again, nutritional intake is important for your body. A good diet means better metabolism and better distribution of nutrients to the right places in your body.

I’m too old to get abs.

I guess you’re too old to learn guitar, learn a language, or take a dump by yourself. Excuse the unruliness. The truth is, we’re never too old for anything. You’re only as old as you feel. If you’re younger right now, take care of your body. Get it used to being active and turn this from a hobby to a habit. You’ll love life a lot more down the stretch. However, just because you’re 50 or 60 doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Working out is not the only way to get fit however it is to be used in collaboration with diet, rest, and cardio. This is something people can do at any age. If you’re using the “I’m too old excuse” just be honest and say “I’m too lazy”.

To get abs, you need to train them every day.

You’ll be surprised to know that the ABs muscles are essentially functioning the exact same way the rest of your body muscles function. They do need rest and therefore, will need not be trained every day. Focus on your diet and cardiovascular activity and you’ll see how well your abs shape up. You need to remember, specific training every day is not required because your abs secretly work everyday. Everytime you lift yourself out of bed, take a stride to walk, or even turn to grab something from someone. They are actively being used all the time everyday. Granted this won’t be enough to get ripped abs but they need not be trained daily. A good daily diet is more important.

Fat burners will get you ABS.

Yes, fat burners could potentially help. However, they are no way a sure fire way to get abdominals flourishing. Fat burners generally tend to target overall body fat. Therefore, it’s not guaranteed to have your stomach trimmed to a level of body fat that will allow your abs to flourish. I have tried some fat burners in the past. They worked wonders, but don’t over do them and they are supposed to be used in conjunction with a good diet and cardiovascular activity. By no means did these fat burners help me become a “hunk” but it did help with the overall fat trimming process. If you want to look into fat burners, do your research. Not all of them are exactly the safest means of losing weight and they all have “precautions”. For example Lipo6 says that you should not exceed a certain amount of days usage (I think it was about 8 weeks) and have clearly defined limits to how many you take per day. You also need to check with a physician if these will negatively effect your health. There is a lot that goes into these fat burners, so it may not produce the results or desired health effects that you wanted or your friends had when they tried them. Some of these fat burners can increase your heart rate so high that it becomes difficult to do any cardio or even just “be”. So watch out and check with your doctors/physicians before you purchase and use one.

I’m going to work so hard until my stomach is fully flat!

News flash! Abdominal muscles are not generally flat. It’s rare to see someone with flat abdominal muscles. So don’t hate yourself if you lose the body fat, get the abs but find your stomach isn’t flat. Abs are usually rounded muscles and are meant to peck out instead of stay flat. Plus, I kinda think the flat abs are not so good looking compared to the rounded ones. So enjoy it and laugh at those rare people with the flat abs!

 I have a bad back, I can’t work out my abs!

Actually, if you have a bad back…I’d recommend you work your abs out. But take it slower than someone with a good back would. This is because core muscles and ab work outs will actually help improve that “bad back”. Of course check with a physician because not all back problems are related to weak core muscles, but if you just get back pains when you work abs – it’s usually related to weak core muscles. When I started working my abs, I found that my lower back felt like it was on fire. Slowly but surely that improved and I was doing more and more ab exercises. Because the abs and lower back are opposing muscles. When you go up and down, they work in unison. So you’re actually working more than just your abs. Keep at it. If you have serious back problems or if your physician has recommended you don’t do ab exercises. Then ask your physician for exercises that will help you. These usually come in the form of “assisted” abs  exercises such as machines and so on.

 I don’t have the time to work out!

Yes, I’m Mickey Rourke! Everyone has the time to work out. There are 24 hours in a day. This applies to everyone. No one is an exception to this. Even home exercises for abs will not take longer than 15-20 minutes. I’m sure you can squeeze that out of your extremely busy schedule. If you do a mile run everyday and include some calisthenics/core work outs – you’re taking about an hour to an hour and a half (this includes going out to run, doing the exercises, and then going back and showering). If you can’t find two hours of your time to dedicate to your own well being…then you don’t deserve to be healthy or have abs.

My last point, which isn’t really a myth but is more towards how you live your life. You’ll notice that usually people who live a healthy and active life tend to have better sculpted bodies and usually come with abs. This is because they have made all of this a life style and not just some superficial desire to wash their laundry on their abs. If you want to get abs, look great, be healthy and most importantly FEEL GREAT then I recommend you look into a healthier life style. Chances are, if you have read this far into the blog post then you’re not the healthiest person around. Make it your lifestyle and you won’t be sorry.

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