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Report: Apple To Unveil An 8GB iPad 2 With The iPad 3, Begin Production On 7.85-inch iPad In 3Q12

Check this article out. I found it whilst browsing around the TechCrunch website/blog. For all of you who wanted more info about the iPad 3. These guys have been on it, so check it out!


Apple has as a little event on the books next Wednesday. Maybe you heard about it. The iPad 3, with its high-res screen, is said to launch on that day. But there could be more surprises. Several “one more things,” if you will. Get out your salt shakers.

Digitimes is stating this morning through two separate reports that Apple plans on announcing an 8GB iPad 2 along with the iPad 3. Citing unnamed upstream supply chain source, one report states the 8GB model would allow the iPad to hit different segments “and to defend against Windows 8-based tablet PCs” — something Apple shouldn’t have to worry about until the fall.

But this move, if it’s true, is classic Apple. It makes perfect sense and is a move that runs parallel with a popular theory at TC HQ in which Apple is not replacing the iPad 2 next Wednesday, but…

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