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Updates: Life Goes On In The World Of Joe

This holiday has been absolutely hectic. The streets have been jam packed, I’ve been detailing my vehicle and trying to catch up with family/friends and some business guests who came into town. However, I have a few things planned for the coming month that I’d like to share with you all. It’s going to be one heck of a month. Hit the jump to find out what’s in store this March!

I’ve planned several different things for this month. Anyone who does actually know me, knows that I am always interested in taking part in whatever activity I possibly can. So this month I’ve set myself a check list of things to do.

 Firstly, I’d like to buy myself a proper BIKE! I’m currently using my sister’s old bike that has been serving me well. However, I had to do some repairs on it (it was of old age, all the inner tubes were shot to sh!t and the brakes needed some work). Not to mention it’s a “woman’s” bike. However, that hasn’t phased me. Most people don’t know the differences between male and female bikes and even if they do…I don’t really care. However, I would like to get myself a new bike in order to be able to clock some more serious mileage in an effort to get fit. My sisters current bike still has some problems with the rear brakes and is slightly too small for my frame. It’s ridable but will lead to some future back problems due to the size. I’m looking at getting myself a bike around the 26″ wheels area and probably a medium-large sized frame. I’ll have to go in to eXtreme sports and size myself up. Maybe I’ll order the bike online if the pricing here is too inflated for my liking.

Secondly, I’ll be taking part in a Half-Marathon! Previously I have never clocked in that much distance even in training. However, I’ll be leaving to take part in this Half Marathon at the end of the month. I have currently only participated in a few 10Km runs at my own pace and as a training run. No official race. This half marathon will be my first race and I’ll be excited. Once I return to Kuwait at the end of March and ENSHALLAH complete the whole half-marathon – I’ll update you all on how it went. Wish me luck. I’ll be training hard-core this month. I haven’t ran long distance in a while (for me 10Km is long distance right now) but I’m hoping by the end of the first week of training I’ll be hitting 10Kms with ease. I quit smoking (I don’t even remember but I’d say about 8 months ago) but I still enjoy the occasional Shisha and Cigar. I know for the rest of the month, these occasions must not happen.


Thirdly, I’ve been getting more and more into photography. Unfortunately, I don’t have my USB to transfer images from my camera to the PC so you guys will have to wait for some shots I thought was cool from this past holiday. However, I’ve been trying to learn different techniques and about shooting in different atmospheres (high level lights/low level lights). I know I’m only using a point and shoot camera right now. However, the one I have is not too shabby and hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have understood much more about photography and invest in a decent DSLR camera.

All of this coupled in with work is going to make March an intense month. It may not seem like much, but the training for the half marathon will probably eat up most of my time and energy. I’m currently planning to run in the evenings when it’s quite cool but I do plan on waking up early before work and trying to clock in some mileage. Speed is not my concern right now, I’m just concerned with trying to get the whole distance down without stopping. Pace is king. Speed can come in later.

Oh and LAST BUT NOT LEAST,  I have 3 books that I must finish reading.

  1. How Israel Lost by Richard Ben Cramer
  2. The McKinsey Way by Ethan M. Raisel
  3. The McKinsey Mind by Ethan M. Raisel

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