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There’s An App For That: News Booth

Welcome to the first installment of “There’s An App For That”. In this section I’ll be reviewing applications for your smart phone devices. Since I own an iPad and iPhone, they will mainly be iOS apps but I’m sure most of these applications can be found on the android and other platforms as well. This installment of There’s An App For That will take a look at the newly released “News Booth”  application that is free to download from the itunes app store until the 26th of February 2012. (Example image within post).

Newsworthy take on the simpsons.

So I downloaded this app off the iTunes app store for free. It will be free from now until the 26th. It is  a very basic application. You either chose a current image that you have in your gallery or you can snap a picture. From there it will provide you with four themes to chose from with regards to it’s design.

You then may add a heading and subheading as in the image above. When you’re done, it will save the image to your picture gallery and then ask you if you’d like to share it via facebook or twitter. Nothing complicated. It’s a fun little application if you want to make a “newsworthy” theme out of your images for fun. However, amateur news reporters will not find this interesting. The fun factor in my opinion dies out pretty quick. After and image or two, you kind of close the app and it just remains there. I was quite disappointed but then again I got it for free so I’m not really bothered. I don’t think I’ll keep it in my app library simply because I don’t find it interesting enough for my liking. However, it may be for you. I’d recommend you give it a shot since it’s free until the 26th of February and see for yourself whether or not you’d like the app.

A brief overview:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick to use
  • Limited in ability (only 4 themes?!)
  • Fun factor seemed to have died out quickly
  • A bit too simple
  • Not so interactive (only limited to themes and headlines)

All in all, I’d rank it a 1 out of 5 stars. Yup. A 1. Simply because I don’t see myself gaining much utility or fun from this app in the future unless they do some major upgrades such as more themes and more interactive usage. By more interactive usage I mean:

I’d like to…

  • Drag certain elements to certain parts of the image
  • Change the newsbooth logo
  • Use more than one image
  • Ability to make a video out of it (not sure but haven’t seen this option – I may have missed it though, if anyone knows about this please do inform me as I had no videos at the time in my picture gallery)
  • Change fonts and placement of the headlines/subheadings
  • Control colour schemes in each theme

Anyways, hopefully this app is only limited because of it’s early release. I’ll keep my eye out for updates but I probably would not use this app more than a few times.

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