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RKEA Walkathon and Giving Back To Your Community


On Saturday, 18th of February 2012 the Reborn Kids Education Academy (RKEA) held a walkathon in the Rawda area that took place at roughly 10am. The purpose of this walkathon was originally to raise money for those unfortunate people who are faced with the fight of cancer. However, the cause changed due to the recent political unrest in Syria as the school donated the proceeds raised as well as other durables such as donated clothes/canned foods etc to Syria through an organization (I sadly admit, I forgot the name of the group).

The walkathon was a great success and brought in people from different ages/sexes/cultures/races/nationalities together to unite for a single cause.

It was interesting to see the turn out. I would give in a ballpark figure of about 50 to 75 people showed up to the walkathon. There were police, ambulances, and volunteers who were (parents of students, teachers, and just citizens who wanted to help out).

Prior to the walk, we were urged and notified not to chant slogans or cause a stir as this was not a protest but simply just a walk around the area in the designated lanes provided in order to help raise money and bring the community closer. I met a lot of wonderful people from different backgrounds. From an American woman who converted to Islam to some of the school children (can’t beat the sense of humor of teenagers and children).

I’m posting about this event, not because it was a success (although credit is due to RKEA and the organizing team that made it a success) but mainly posting about giving out to the community. We all wake up and go through our days thinking of ourselves and what we can do to better our own lives. We never stop to think that if we actually made someone else’s life better, we’d be doing not only those who we help a favor but ourselves a favor.

If you don’t want to partake in a walk, think of other activities. There are two animal shelters (paws and kspath) that are working their backends off  to keep the stray animals off the street and help them get healthy. In turn trying their best to find them a home and keep them healthy. They will always be grateful for a donation. Even something as simple as helping out by walking a few dogs, or grooming a few cats would be appreciated. We can learn a lot about love and compassion through the companionship of animals. Even if we don’t own one necessarily. Just helping around and being in their presence can do wonders.

There are elderly homes that have plenty of elderly people staying there that would love some company and to share their experiences with others. You’ll be surprised if you go in one day and spend the day just talking with some of the people around. You will get a better understand of the history and culture of Kuwait as they’ve lived through it. They are people with a wealth of knowledge that we couldn’t possibly attain ourselves as we weren’t around back then. Also, they’re super fun to hang around with.

There is the disabled center (I don’t like that term) that takes care of children (also some teenagers and adults) with disabilities. They have wonderful people who melt your heart when you spend some time with them. It makes you realize that we’re all the same. They’re not any less human than we are. Most people won’t admit that they think of some negative image when they think of the disabled but I challenge anyone to volunteer at the center for just 1 hour a day for a week and come back to tell me that they are any less human than we are. They are smart people who have had to deal with more than we have and have prevailed for that matter. That makes them stronger than us.

In short, look at ways you could give back to the community. It could be as simple as picking up garbage when you see someone litter, maybe planting a tree, or even helping someone cross the street.

I have this belief that we are not what we own, but we are what give back to others. Let’s be more passionate, more loving and understanding. Out with any ignorance or selfishness within us. Let’s make life just a little bit better for those around us. I bet that if you do…you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face for at least a few days.

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