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Run Joe, Run: Part 1 (Half Marathon Preparation)

Original Image Source  So as I have mentioned before in the update, I will be taking part in a Half Marathon(Approximately 21 KM or 13 Miles). at the end of this month outside of Kuwait and will be training for it here in Kuwait. A half marathon is beyond any distance I have already tried […]

Favorite National Day Photograph

I was going through the images on my digital camera. I figured I’d post up all the pictures I took from national and liberation day celebrations. Then it hit me. I can’t possibly post up 20-25 photographs onto this blog. It’d be way too much. So I decided to only post one photograph. After looking […]

2012 NBA Allstar Game Highlights

If you’re an NBA fan such as myself, you must have been extremely excited about the allstar game. I’m an avid Oklahoma City fan (as a child I was a big Seattle SuperSonics fan so naturally I switched to OKC when Seattle moved to OKC). Kevin Durant…MVP once agian. What an awesome and intense allstar […]

Updates: Life Goes On In The World Of Joe

This holiday has been absolutely hectic. The streets have been jam packed, I’ve been detailing my vehicle and trying to catch up with family/friends and some business guests who came into town. However, I have a few things planned for the coming month that I’d like to share with you all. It’s going to be […]

3anbar Wa 11 September

I was so lucky to get invited to a play yesterday in Al-Dasma theater. The play is called 3anbar wa 11 September (Aanbar and the 11th of September). The play is not only funny but absolutely heart melting. It carried themes from the love between a man towards his mother/daughter (and vice versa), touches on […]

BMW ABU DHABI: Largest Beemer Showroom Ever

  I was reading up on motortrend the other day about how Abu Dhabi have just opened up the largest BMW Showroom in the world. It’s said the showroom spans over 35,000 square-meters, impressive huh? I’m not a huge Beemer fan, but those who do know me know that I love machinery of all types. […]

Movie Trailers: ACT OF VALOR

You will find the HD trailer for this movie below. This movie is set to be released on the 24th of February 2012. However, when it will be in Kuwaiti cinemas is a totally different story. If anyone could shed some light on that, please feel free to leave a comment clarifying the Kuwaiti cinema release […]