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Want a DSLR but don’t? 5 Alternatives for under 50KD!

If you’re like me. You really want a DSLR camera. A good one for that matter. Though, you hate the fact that:

a) you have to lug around this big camera
b) it costs an arm and a leg for someone who is a beginner
c) you worry of damaging your precious investment
d) you’re not quite sure where or how to start

That’s okay. Because in this post, I’m going to provide a list of Cameras (all of them will be point and shoot cameras) that can hold it’s own against a DSLR if you know how to work photoshop and manually adjust their settings. Now you’re thinking:

“HEY! If I’m a beginner how am I supposed to know how to do that?”

Well the reason for this post is so you don’t have to put down a huge investment, yet you may find a good quality point and shoot that is affordable. Then in turn, you can learn all the photography techniques and dabble on photoshop until you feel happy enough to invest in a DSLR (or if carrying space is an issue a compact DSLR).

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“The Real Prison Consultants”

An interesting video I stumbled upon through my youtube feed. If you like this, subscribe to the Alyona Show. She’s awesome. It’s a RT production. Anyways, check this video out. It’s about how ex-convict consultants.

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What happened to our “glory days”?

So I went to a lecture last night at a place called the Aware center in Surra. A scholar (who is also teaching here at a school in Kuwait) gave a lecture on the influence of the Muslim world on the Western world. The lecture by Mr. Bryn Bernard (hopefully I spelled his name right) discussed several aspects of Islam and in a general sense. It wasn’t really about the religion of Islam but the innovation that came out of the countries that were dominantly practicing Islamic faith. I believe the speaker wanted to use the term Arab but did not as some of the Islamic countries such as Indonesia or Malaysia are not really considered Arab, even back at those times.

So what was so interesting about this lecture? I’ll post a few key points from the lecture that you may or may not have known were Arab/Muslim innovations as well as some talking points (possible points to debate?).

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2013 Dodge Viper Unveiled! (video: 640HP V10)


They don’t joke around at dodge. 8.4L engine. This v10 blows 640HP. Looks so sexy in the picture above. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below to view the NY auto show unveiling of the 2013 VIPER SRT. Oh and wait for it…they explain all the new changes.

P.S. Love the side exhausts.


Today, I Lost My Cool

Sometimes, the people we most care about are the people we abuse the most. I’m generally good at controlling any sort of emotional illogic that stems in my mind.

But over the passed two days, I don’t know what’s come over me. I’ve been a complete dick to probably one of the select handful of people that I respect and care about the most in my life.

I tell you, some people say it’s always easier to release your anger than it is to control it. But, I will admit to the opposite. It’s much more difficult to release your anger than it is to contain it. Because, containing it means you have the chance to think over it and assess whether or not it’s truly a valid reason to be angry over. However, releasing it upon boiling is the chicken’s way out and will always end up in regret.

I’m seriously doubting that the person I have in mind is reading this. On the other hand, if you are reading this – I’d like to extend my sincerest apologies. I’ve been out of character, I’ve been a total cock and insensitive jerk. It’s just sometimes so much easier to release tension from the world around you onto the innocent bystander. The problem is, the innocent bystander is always someone you really care about.

I know you won’t make much out of this and that you’ll say there is no apology needed.

Just know I feel guilty for ruining the previous 2-3 days with my behavior. I’m man enough to admit it.

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Mood Of The Day

 This is what I’m diggin’ for today. Been busy at work, but whilst listening to this I’m just imagining myself laying down on the beach somewhere in Brazil with a Cuban cigar enjoyin’ the sun and the waves.

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RUN JOE, RUN! Half Marathon Review

My Race Number

Alright guys, it’s done and over with. I’m back and I’m here to report you guys on how it went. You probably won’t be expecting what I’m about to tell you. So buckel up, click the jump and read on to hear about my adventures and thoughts on the event day!

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Dild…Never-mind. Weird Looking Energy Drink

This energy drink looks like something…but I just can’t place my finger on it (teehee).

 I mean I know they were trying to make it look like a bullet, but this is just too much…Maybe I am crazy and just see things differently…

I had to… Ran into this little product this morning at the Sultan Center before heading out to work. It scared me just a little too much to tempt me into buying it. Thought I’d share. Good for a giggle I guess? If you’re interested in trying it out, Sultan Center carries this energy drink and it costs around 600fils (don’t remember exact pricing).

If any of you try it, let us know if it’s any good in the comments section below.

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Out with Outlook and in with Thunderbird


I’m sick of outlook. It’s been functioning with bugs. A lot of the scripts keep coming up with error messages, keeps asking whether I want to enable or disable certain MS macros and scripts. At first I thought my computer was infected with a virus, but after going through all of the state of the art anti-virus softwares and scanning – nothing showed up. I also think outlook is boring. In my opinion it looks outdated and bulky. So I went on a search for the best replacement. I have settled on Mozilla Thunderbird. Not only does it look great, it seems to do everything outlook can do and online claims have said it does it even better (IMAP for example). So here’s to a new experience. I was happy to see a direct import from outlook feature so I don’t have to be compressing all my e-mails and transferring them manually. The thunderbird wizard is doing this for me automatically. I’m lovin’ it so far. If you guys are interested in switching from outlook to an alternative, do your research but I highly recommend you checkout Mozilla Thunderbird (the same geniuses that brought you Mozilla Firefox). Oh, yeah and thunderbird is open source and supports add ons. Just sayin’.


Never Say No To Panda

Arguably the best commercials ever. The following youtube video is a mash-up of several Panda Cheese commercials. Egyptians are notorious for their sense of humor, and this brand is Egyptian (as far as I know). This would probably explain why the geniuses behind these commercials were able to provide us such an awesome bunch of commercials. I’m definitely going to pick myself up some Panda cheese tonight…or I fear the Panda may get me…

 Remember, Never Say No To Panda…

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BATMAN: Why Batman Is More Important Than Anyone You’ll Ever Meet.


Nananananananana Nananananananana BAT MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!

So what’s up with Batman and why am I posting about him? It’s elementary my dear watson. Batman is the symbol of what’s so great about humanity. The beacon and icon that gives humanity hope. The character that everyone sees a bit of themselves in. You may be thinking I’m a little crazy at this point, heck you’d be right. But I do have a point. Hit the jump to find out why the dark knight is arguably the most important figure and role model we could possibly model our lives around. Continue Reading »

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There’s An App For That: Angry Birds Space

Yeah, I’m not even going to technically review this. This is more to tell you all about it. With all of the spamming of Angry Birds, I’m not even going to bother giving this one a chance.

Not that the game is boring, but I’m just sick of playing the game. The merchandise all around town doesn’t help either.

But I know what you’re all thinking:

“But Joe, you’re such a f*cking hater. Why should I bother listening to you?”

To answer that: You don’t have to.


Check out the video above for the backdrop/storyline of this new edition of Angry Brids: Space.

Now how about you guys play it, and then write me a review in the comments? (way to exploit your readers joe)

Until next time,

Joe Pistone

 P.S. – I understand the video may not be working. I’m having some issues with wordpress. Doesn’t seem to be embedding my video link. Oh well – life goes on. Click the damn link above. 

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Notorious Hater: Shove That Butt Up Your…Butt?

Terrible. Just terrible. I used to be a smoker, you all must know this by now if you’re still regularly reading my blog as my hit counts are suggesting.

(Hint, hint: if you’re not regularly reading – what on earth are you waiting for? Bookmark. Now. Please. Thank. You.)

Now click the jump to find out what I’m hating about and why I’m hating. 

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“You’re Not A Photographer” – Yeah I’m Talkin’ To You

 You know I’m right. 95% of you who are reading this are guilty of this (I’m including myself in this completely bias and made up statistic). I can’t help but notice the growing number of “photographers” and DSLRs in Kuwait. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the reduction of costs for DSLRs and for more people to get into photography, but it’s all gone terribly wrong somewhere. Read on to find out why I’m ranting about all of you jerks, running around with your DSLRs.

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Don’t Give Up, Life’s Too Short.

Inspired by a greeting card I received today at my work desk as I returned from my sick leave. You must know that I’ve been somewhat of a work Nazi and hard on the employees “sub-ordinated” below me. I’m a jerk, sue me. But in the passed two months I went to work at making that better. Improving my relations with them all. It seems life and people respectively can change in an instant.

Went from hated to feared to hated to loved. Ahhh, some say it’s the circle of life.

To jump a little off topic though. Never give up on that window of opportunity to change. It will never go away, but sometimes when it seems to be shut – we don’t realize that indeed it is shut…but not locked.

Make the extra effort: click open the hatch, push open that window and jump through that bastard. Don’t waste the chance. Chances are the more you wait, the more rust that latch collects. The more rust, the more effort it takes to open it.

What has recently made you jump through that window to greener pastures?

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Kuwait: The Global Body of National Olympic Committees

Asia’s top Olympic official will head the global body of national Olympic committees following the resignation of longtime chief Mario Vazquez Rana.

Sheik Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah of Kuwait, head of the Olympic Council of Asia, has been selected interim president of the Association of National Olympic Committees.

Snippet Taken from the Following Source: Seattle Times

Now, how cool is that? Congratulations Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah and congratulations Kuwait! Maybe, not a lot of you care much for the Olympic committees but this is a great achievement. Sure it’s an interim selection, but Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah has been Asia’s top Olympic official for some time now.

Just thought I’d share. Click here to read the full article from the source. 


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And You Thought I Was Gone…

No, on the contrary. I’m still pretty much alive. I’ve been sick and caught up trying to piece together several things. I’ve come back with some more updates and better access to posting. Click the jump to find out what’s been happening and what I’ve had in store for this blog and my life.

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Running Apps!

If you guys read my earlier posts, you know I use the NIKE+ GPS app to track and log my running information. It’s extremely accurate. Especially since I sometimes take bends that I can’t accurately map on google maps/earth. It also shows out heat maps that tracks your speed/pace and shows zones in which you pushed yourself and didn’t etc. I’m a huge fan of these apps. None of them will ever be 100% accurate 100% of the time, but it’s super close to that! As long as you’ve got open space (open sky) and a decent phone service provider it should be pretty accurate!

I found this review that goes through the top two running apps (or what’s considered to be the top two). Nike+GPS and RunKeeperPro. Check out the view below for the reviews! Just thought I’d share with you guys, just in case you guys are interested in tracking your runs! If you haven’t tried these yet, do it! You don’t know how addictive they are and how much it will push you to work out (and work out harder for that matter).

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Kony Jokes: You Knew They Were Comin’

Alright, to be fully honest with you. I have been living under a rock when it comes to Kony. I have heard many different perspectives on this whole situation and people seem to be either on one side or the other. I don’t feel I’ve gathered enough facts to figure out where I stand on this. Some people saying Kony is just some grander American scheme to enter Ugangda (honestly, not seeing this happen). Some people say he’s justifiable in what he’s doing for a cause (don’t see this either) but either way I’m not going to form an opinion until I look at this whole situation under a microscope. I’m very picky with where I stand when it comes to my opinion on these situations. But until I do make that decision. Here are a few Kony joke photos I found that just crack me up (we can always look to humor in any time of crisis I guess). Click the jump for a few giggles.

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Workout Music: What to listen to, to get you going!

We’ve all been there before. We know what we like to listen to, but when we’re working out we either get really bored of listening to the same stuff we always do or just can’t find music to get us into the groove. I’ve compiled a list of what keeps me going at the gym or out at the track. I figure this may not meet everyone’s tastes but it’s a list of stuff I like to listen to when doing different kinds of work outs. Hey, who knows – this may work for you too! Give it a try and skip the jump to discover a world of intense tunes.

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Run Joe, Run: Training Updates

Oh dear, a lot has happened this weekend. I thought I’d keep you guys posted since I didn’t get the chance to hop on here and make any posts. Read on to find out what I’ve been up to this weekend with regards to my training.

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The New iPad!

Missed out on last nights iPad key note speech event? Don’t worry you can follow it up with the below youtube video. This video is a commercial that was shown at the event to outline the new “advanced” features of the 3rd gen iPad. (Yes, it’s not going to be called the iPad 3 or iPad HD. It will just be called “the new iPad” or 3rd gen iPad.)

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Kuwait: A Dream Suspended (Documentary)

A reader has sent me this video. Well, actually a friend has sent me this video and asked me to post it up on the blog. I have only skimmed through a bit of it as it is a long video and I am at work. However, it seems to be touching on topics from past and present very accurately.(quick edit: it only spans to 1990 but surprised to see some of the problems of the past still remain today.) I’ll edit this post once I get the chance to actually view the whole video later tonight. However, I thought I’d post it up for you all to see. ENJOY!


From the cover of the tape, this film “explores the rapid social evolution and economic transformation of Kuwait from a small pearling and trading community in the 1940s, to a country now occupying a pivotal position in world affairs.”

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Run Joe, Run: Second Training Session

Alright ladies and gents. Yes, I’ve got the second training session for the half marathon done and over with today.  It wasn’t anything intense but because I’ve got several things to tend to after work I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to go jogging. So I hopped on the elliptical machine that I own this morning and did a short work out. Jump the break to hear more about my morning ellpitical HIIT (high intensity interval training) work out. [VIDEOS included]

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Future of Cars: AUDI MEETS TRON

 EuroCarNews.Com reported in a recent article [SOURCE] that the engineers at AUDI and Stephan Berlitz have been working extremely hard to bring to drivers a brand new driving experience. By incorporating the usage of OLED light technology and some creative designing, the future of AUDI cars looks like something out of the movie TRON. Check the above video for a brief look into the works that are planned for the upcoming vehicles. If you wish for more detail, check out the article by clicking the source mentioned above or on this link here!

What do you guys think? YAY or NAY?


Run Joe, Run: First Training Session

First Training Session

So last night I went out on my first official training session. Unfortunately, some other things came up and has delayed my training (essentially excuses for me to do other things other than running out against the winds we’ve been having at night).

So I decided that this time, there are no excuses. Time to get some mileage. Although I didn’t get anywhere near a half marathon or a fast pace, the purpose of this session was to just get out there and get used to running further than a mile or two again. Click the jump for more info regarding the run.

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The Google Conspiracy

Interesting video. What are your thoughts about the whole situation? I’m not exactly sure I’m absorbing this one. I feel that we’re always looking for things to write conspiracy theories about.

Do you believe in the google conspiracy? What other conspiracy theories do you find interesting or believe in? Which ones do you find utter bullsh!t? Drop us a comment and let us know your views!


Confessions From A Quitter

This post is actually not what it may seem. I was browsing through my computer and found a file that stood out. It was a little something I wrote for an old personal blog that I never posted. It’s been written in a story like format but it is absolutely true 100%. No exaggeration. It’s a confession, about becoming a quitter…quitting smoking and onto new things. This is somewhat emotional but if you’re trying to get into fitness or quitting smoking, I’d recommend you give this a quick read. (P.S. The images are recent, but the story is from several months back)

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Report: Apple To Unveil An 8GB iPad 2 With The iPad 3, Begin Production On 7.85-inch iPad In 3Q12

Check this article out. I found it whilst browsing around the TechCrunch website/blog. For all of you who wanted more info about the iPad 3. These guys have been on it, so check it out!

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MYTHbusting: Things You Thought You Knew About ABS

ABS: Myth or Reality?


Okay, if you’re a male then I bet you’re looking at this image and thinking…HOLY SMOKES! I wish my abs looked like that… If you’re female, you’re probably thinking…HOLY SMOKES! I wish my husband (or boyfriend or whatever your significant other may be) had abs that looked like that!

The truth is, it’s not impossible. Anyone can achieve these abs. The problem surrounding this is that there are several myths that stop us from achieving our goal. In this post, I’m going to list out these myths and hopefully get you on the right track to looking like Gerard Butler!

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Run Joe, Run: Part 1 (Half Marathon Preparation)

2004 Marine Corps Marathon

Original Image Source 

So as I have mentioned before in the update, I will be taking part in a Half Marathon(Approximately 21 KM or 13 Miles). at the end of this month outside of Kuwait and will be training for it here in Kuwait. A half marathon is beyond any distance I have already tried whilst running out by the gulf or on a “mamsha” but I figured that if I didn’t push myself towards it, I would never do so. I have occasionally ran  a few 10Kms out on the Gulf as leisurely fitness training. However, this time I’ll be up against competition and the clock…as well as my willpower to persevere and finish the race. Click the jump to find out what I’m doing to prepare for this Half-Marathon.

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Favorite National Day Photograph

I was going through the images on my digital camera. I figured I’d post up all the pictures I took from national and liberation day celebrations. Then it hit me. I can’t possibly post up 20-25 photographs onto this blog. It’d be way too much. So I decided to only post one photograph. After looking through all of them and it was a tough decision I decided on posting up this one as my favorite. It really captures the skyline at night and the essence of the celebration. Kinda makes you feel like there’s a fresh start…a new beginning here in Kuwait. If you looked at the skyline at night this time last year…you’d assume it looked pretty boring. However, this year it seems to be making a statement.

Hope you enjoy it!

Click Image For Full Size

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2012 NBA Allstar Game Highlights

If you’re an NBA fan such as myself, you must have been extremely excited about the allstar game. I’m an avid Oklahoma City fan (as a child I was a big Seattle SuperSonics fan so naturally I switched to OKC when Seattle moved to OKC). Kevin Durant…MVP once agian. What an awesome and intense allstar match up. Kobe exceeds Michael Jordan for the best AllStar record considering points scored. A great come back from the East. How did it end? If you don’t know already check out the below youtube clip for highlights and the final score at the end. I must also say. Westbrook and Blake were beastly that night!

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Updates: Life Goes On In The World Of Joe

This holiday has been absolutely hectic. The streets have been jam packed, I’ve been detailing my vehicle and trying to catch up with family/friends and some business guests who came into town. However, I have a few things planned for the coming month that I’d like to share with you all. It’s going to be one heck of a month. Hit the jump to find out what’s in store this March!

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3anbar Wa 11 September

Anbar Wa 11 September

I was so lucky to get invited to a play yesterday in Al-Dasma theater. The play is called 3anbar wa 11 September (Aanbar and the 11th of September). The play is not only funny but absolutely heart melting. It carried themes from the love between a man towards his mother/daughter (and vice versa), touches on Kuwaiti family cliches, terrorism, and just pure humor. Oh, and one of the stars is Saad Al Faraj…that should be enough to get you up and off your feet to go watch the play. Click the jump to find out more about 3anbar wa 11 September.

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BMW ABU DHABI: Largest Beemer Showroom Ever


I was reading up on motortrend the other day about how Abu Dhabi have just opened up the largest BMW Showroom in the world. It’s said the showroom spans over 35,000 square-meters, impressive huh? I’m not a huge Beemer fan, but those who do know me know that I love machinery of all types. They boast low end, medium range and high end beemers. So expect anything from the 318i to the X6M. The images on their site is quite shocking. I mean I know they have a tendency to go big in the Emarites but this is just out of this world. Beemer fans in the region will be proud. Don’t forget to check out the images and read up on the details provided on motortrend. [Source]

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Movie Trailers: ACT OF VALOR

You will find the HD trailer for this movie below. This movie is set to be released on the 24th of February 2012. However, when it will be in Kuwaiti cinemas is a totally different story. If anyone could shed some light on that, please feel free to leave a comment clarifying the Kuwaiti cinema release date.

Just for some background information, this movie would cater to all Call of Duty and Battlefield fans. It is using actual U.S. Navy Seals for the roles, and real tactics. The story is fictional but based upon several real life situations. Saying that, I don’t mean that any of these plot lines are real but some of the situations and tactics used to overcome them is real. What makes this movie look interesting is that they used actual navy seals, so the acting is not really acting. It seems to look like a reality. Somewhat documentary type with the hollywood hype to it. I can’t wait for it to be released. Anyways, check out the trailer. Hope you’re as excited to see this movie as I am.

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